Governing Body

The governors are legally responsible for the running of our school and meet at least once per term as well as making individual visits to school from time to time.  All are very approachable people, some with church connections. Our Parent Governors are appointed through ballots of all the parents at Little Heaton.

Governors are responsible for the finances of the school.  This involves deciding on the number and appointment of the school’s staff, the repair and maintenance of the buildings and equipment.  They are also responsible for having a broad overview of the school curriculum.  Most of these responsibilities are given to the Headteacher to look after on a day to day basis and the running of the school is very much a partnership between Headteacher and Governors. 

Parents wishing to contact any member of the governing body should ask at the school office for relevant details.

The Governing Body 

Please see documents below for members of our Governing Board.  Here you will find our constitution that shows how long they will be a Governor, committee membership, if they have any financial or business interest within the school and if they are member of another Governing Board or another School.

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