Year 4 - Lower Key Stage 2 2020 - 2021

Mr O'Boyle

Mrs Lynch

Welcome to year 4 with Mr O’Boyle, Mrs Lynch and Miss Laycock. Introducing Mr Connor (P.E.)  

Home to the year group who lead the way in using drama to explore the past! If you spot any strange characters from the past, or even visitors from places beyond Great Britain, visiting our school this year it’s usually Mr O’Boyle and the year 4 team travelling through space and time!

The year 4 team: Mr O’Boyle (class teacher) and Teaching assistant:  Mrs Lynch who are always eager to share with you the learning challenges your child is confident with as well as the ways home and school can work together to support areas of learning we may find more ‘challenging.’

Year 4 is the last year group for ‘Lower Key stage 2’ and from 2020 will take part in a national multiplication assessment in June. Practising our multiplication facts and the corresponding division facts are important life skills; these fluent skills will also support our learning as we move in to Upper Key stage 2 the following year. 

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Half Term Holidays, by Mrs Edwards

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