Avengers:Endgame film review

Date: 24th May 2019 @ 12:15pm


Marvel? More like marvellous!! Endgame was an incredible and astonishing experience; with its puzzling plot twists to tears of disbelief with plenty of funny moments and refrences that will keep you entertained for a whole 3 hours!

My opinion

I thought that Endgame was outstanding! It was a movie I hated to see come to a close. It was filled with nail-biting scenes which gave an atmosphere that felt like you were actually in the movie,fighting along side the Avengers. In my opinion this was an experience I will never forget.


The film takes place after the horrific events where Thanos had succeeded in his plan with the snap and had killed off many beloved character such as: The Black Widow,Vision,The Winter Soldier and (the one who made people tear up the most) Spiderman. But no worries, Antman is here to join the fight after being trapped in the quantam realm for 5 years! (poor Antman)


I would recommend this film for adults but not much children under at least 9 considering that there's some heads chopping off,falling off cliffs and a lot of stabbing,Reading this out loud makes the MCU sound dark and cruel but in general this movie is mindblowing,funny,sad,scary but above all entertaining.

By Noah

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