Reception Class | Little Heaton Primary School | Middleton School

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Reception Curriculum

Year group: Reception     

Teacher & TA’s: Mrs Webster & Mrs Turpin                                  

Term: Autumn 1

Topic – Marvellous 'ME!'

We are very excited about learning focus for the next half term Together we are going to have a great time in reception. We will sing songs and read stories, make projects and learn so many wonderful new things. You will also make lots of new friends who will be waiting to play and learn with you. This half term our topic is ‘Marvelous me’. 

Within this topic we will cover the following areas as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum:

Prime Area

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

- Creating class rules together

- Participating in turn taking games

- Trying new activities and independently selecting resources

- Learning the routines of the day

- Learning about feelings and about how our behaviour can influence other people feelings

- Learning and talking about my family and other people who are important

Prime Area

Physical Development

- Dressing and undressing independently for PE

- Using and handling tools safely

- Moving with control and coordination over, under and through various small apparatus

- Balancing on different parts of my body

- Moving safely in a space

- Travelling in different ways

- Learning about to be healthy

- Describing the changes of my body after being active

Prime Area

Communication, Language & Literacy

-       Take part in circle time

-       Asking questions to get to know my friends in my new class.

-       Talking about my family

-       Listening to stories and rhymes

Specific Area


-       Recognise my name

-       Retell stories

-       Talk about characters in story books

-       Learning different sounds that letters make (phonics)

-       Look at books independently

-       Write my name

-       Write familiar words such as mum and dad

-       Write about my family

-       Write for a purpose, e.g. making lists, labelling pictures

-       Labelling body parts

Specific Area

Understanding the world:

-       Talk about similarities and differences between my friends

-       Using the iPad to take photos of my friends

-       Use my five senses

-       Go on local walks around the school

-       Find out about the different parts of the body

Specific Area


-       Count, recognise and order numbers to at least 10

-       Match numbers to quantities of groups to at least 10

-       Say the number one more / less than a given number up to 10

-       Begin to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures

-       Name and describe simple 2D shapes

-       Create simple repeating patterns

-       Order objects in size and weight


Specific Area

Expressive Arts & Design:

-       Explore sounds and moves to music

-       Draw and paint self portraits

-       Make hand and foot prints

-       Sing familiar songs

-       Name and mix colours

-       Use my body to make sounds

-       Move to music