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Year 4 Curriculum

Welcome to Summer 2 Term. Wow! Almost the end of the school year already...

Maths: The 4 rules of number will as always run through each strand of our Maths work: improving our knowledge of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The main focus this half term will be on consolidating the work already completed throughout the year, focusing on the'non negotiables' (the age related objectives that your child must reach before leaving their current year group) and working on Geometry (shape, position and movement) and statistics (where the children will be reading and interpreting a range of graphs).

There will also be a daily focus on practising and learning quick recall of timestables and division facts for all times tables including 11, 12 and 25. In order to support this, every day the children will complete a 3 or 4 minute tables test. As always, your supportin helping your child with this at home is greatlty appreciated, as in in order for your child to gain a good grounding before they go into Year 5, their knowledge and skill in using these facts is fundamental.

Click on the link below for parents' guide to mathematics for Year 4:

Year 4 Guide to Mathematics

English: Our units of work for this half term include persuasive writing - where the children will be writing their own house selling  brochures- and narrative writing. In grammar the children will focus particularly on improving the range of sentences structures used in independent work (simple, compound and complex) so that they are able to use main, subordinating and embedded clauses. We will also be consolidating year group expectations.

As always, we will be encouraging the children to take a pride in the standard of their presentation. Please help your child with this by encouraging them to present any homework or learning log work neatly and to a 'classroom standard'.

Science: Our science unit this half term is investigative science. The children will carry out a range of practical investigations in order to consolidate their learning of this year's objectives. I anticipate much noise, mess and hopefully, lots of fun! 

Geography: Our topic this half term will be Water. The unit will begin with a visit from United Utilities who will teach the children where our waste water goes, how to save water and the Water Cycle.

PE: Our PE session is on Thursday mornings and will continue to be led by staff from Bury football club. Please ensure your child has their PE kit (white t shirt, shorts  and pumps or trainers) in school in a named bag, thank you. 

Art/D.T: The children will be studying the work famous impressionist painters such as Van Gogh and they will be creating their own 'still life' compositions based on the work of Renoir and Matisse.

French: The children will continue to develop their spoken vocabulary and recognition of key words and simple phrases.

RE: This half term the children will bethinking about the topic of water and charity work associated with its presevation.

Read, Write, Inc: The Phonics programme will continue throught KS1 and Year 3. Please click on the link below to learn more:

Read, Write, Inc.

Spellings will be given out on Thursday and we will have a spelling test every Thursday. Spellings/times tables will be sent home in the home-school contact book, so that children can practice at home too.  

Reading is very important and we read everyday in year 4. Reading books will be changed once the children have read their books and had them signed by a parent/carer or a teacher. Children therefore need to bring their reading book and home-school contact book into school everyday. We also have a reading corner in our classroom where there will be books children can read linked to our topics. It would help enormously if, as well as reading with your child, you encourage them to talk about the books they read and answer questions about character, setting, favourite parts etc..

Please click on the link below to view 'end of year expectations' for Year 4:

Year 4 EOYE

Thank you for taking the time to read the curriculum page for year 4. If you have any questions or concerns, myself or Mrs Monks are always available at the start or end of the day. 

Mrs Shires

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