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Year 4 Curriculum


Welcome to Year 4 Curriculum page for Autumn Term ‘A’ 2018.

My name is Mr O’Boyle and I will be supported by Mrs Berrisford along with Mrs Mott and, in the afternoons, Mrs McQuaid. Mrs O’Boyle will also support me in her dual roles as Family Liaison and H.L.T.A. roles.

Our immersion point date is 43 A.C.E (After Common Era) or 43 A.D, (Anno Domini,) depending which your child prefers.

Our topic question is ‘Invasion or Invitation?’ The benefits and the not so beneficial results of the Roman occupation of Britain after 43 A.D.



We will write a Non-Chronological report on the actual invasions, there were 3, and then write an action adventure story using knowledge gained, known as a ‘faction novel’ about a Celt coming to terms with changes to their world after the Romans have settled.


Modern Foreign Language.

Alongside our English work, we will introduce the origins of our language with a short session on Latin, learning one of our oldest songs, Old MacDonald’s Farm in Latin. It was a Cadence marching chant, popular with Legions stationed along Hadrian’s Wall, not that complementary towards the Scots. The insult being; what have these people got that the greatest Empire ever needs?



We start with Place Value to 4 digits. Introducing thousands to the children as Th H T O. ‘just to remind you,’ O being U in the olden days! Your child will be taught, Tens and Ones, and not Tens and Units - please be aware when discussing these terms; as it can be confusing. (I do intend to run a workshop on terminology before half term.) Please click on the link 'SUBJECT TARGETS for further information and feel free to come and see me regarding any matter regarding this.



Mrs Bannan has organised a visit to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Centre for us this year, along with Year 3. Your child will be immersed into a fantastic learning environment; the message being, ‘this lesson could save your life!’ More information to follow. The visit will remind children, as animals, we are precious and we must protect ourselves from danger.

Animals Including Humans.

Reminding children we are animals and that we function as organic machines. It is an introduction to the digestive system and scientific vocabulary. Here again for you to note, words such as stomach, oesophagus and other biological words that the children might want to discuss with you further; so be prepared.


Using a range or resources to build a factual knowledge about an event that had an impact on Britain. Mainly our topic driver on the changes, both good and bad, on Britain.



Reading skills, reading comprehension and reading for pleasure in year 4 are vitally important. This is why children will be expected to bring in their allocated reading book, with their home/school record book, EVERY DAY. We will change books on a 2nd or 3rd read, based on assessment and a book review will issued, (not weekends.)



Switching it on and off again!

Children are introduced to the school network and the difference to home access. The children will log into our system understanding user name and the importance of e-safety when using passwords. They will learn how to stay safe and how to respect others whilst online.



Mrs O’Boyle will be teaching ‘learning about and learning from, other Religions this year.



The children will work in groups to design, paint and create a usable Roman Shield. They have to work in groups of four and the ‘designer’ controls what colours will be used to recreate their original design. The minions have to follow those orders! Each child gets to be the Centurion!



We are still benefitting from the Olympic Legacy and have employed an outside agency to teach modern dance. Whilst I get to teach the ‘Testudo!’  

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