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Year 3 Curriculum


Curriculum Information for Parents and Carers    Year 3

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2 Curriculum newsletter for Year 3. Year 3 are now becoming much more settled in the Juniors here at Little Heaton CE Primary School. Their teachers this year will be Mrs Scull and Mrs Crawford. The other adults who will be working in our class are Mrs Senior and Miss Mott. If you have any questions at any time please come and speak to one of us.


Our reading sessions will be a combination of guided reading and whole class sessions. During these we will be focussing on learning to

  •          Read most words accurately
  •          Check words make sense in every sentence
  •          Make predictions about texts
  •          Retrieve answers from what is read
  •          Know what the writer is inferring – saying without              putting into words
  •         Retell well known stories orally
  •         Recognise different types of poetry




This half term year 3 will channel their 'inner Shakespeare' and  develop their play writing skills by using familiar stories such as The Gruffalo and other well-known tales! They will also get the chance to rehearse and hopefully perform their plays to others.

Some of the skills we will work on are:

  •  using conventions such as stage directions, characters, speech and dialogue and looking at the layout of a playscript 
  •   Correctly spell all the words in y3/4 list

Later in the term, we will look at instructions and tie these into some of our Christmas makes.  It should be fun!



In Maths this term our focus will be on multiplication and division. We will be securing our knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and learning the division facts that link with them. We will then be applying these skills through a mixture of reasoning and problem solving activities.

Later in the term we will investigate how to multiply a two-digit number by a one-digit number, using first mental strategies and them progressing to more formal written methods. Have a look at the school calculation policy to find out more about this.


In Science we will finish our topic on rocks and then start a new topic of 'Animals including humans' specifically looking at how we need the right type and amount of nutrition as well as the functions of skeletons and muscles.


This term we will be looking at how to debug computer  programmes, using out coding skills that we learnt last term..We will use Scratch and Purple Mash to do this.


 Our History work this term took place earlier in the term


 Our Geography work will  be entitled 'Extreme Earth' and we will be finding out about volcanoes and other natural phenomena.





Design Technology

 Our DT work will take place later in the term.



 In music we will be learning to to play the ukulele. We are lucky to have a specialist music teacher, Mr Addington, leading our sessions.



Our PE day this year will be on a Thursday. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every week. Lewis from Bury football will be leading these sessions. Our focus this term will be gymnastics.


Also, Read, Write, Inc. is continuing for some children.  Please click on the link to learn more:


Read, Write, Inc.


And finally, please click on the link below to view 'end of year expectations' for Year 3:


Year 3 EOYE


Please feel free to speak with me about any of these areas.

Kind regards

Mrs Scull, Mrs Crawford, Miss Mott and Mrs Senior



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