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Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 2’s curriculum page for Summer. This is the last term for your child in Key Stage 1.

Our last theme in the school year is ‘Who is the lady with the lamp?’ - focusing on significant people in history and how they have affected our lives today. Children will research who this person is!


This term we will be looking at the life of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We shall be comparing what life was like when Florence was alive to what life is like today. Children will learn how both these ladies helped to care for and save the lives of men in the Crimean War and how their influence helped change the way nursing is carried out today.


To complement our theme,  children will be researching information to allow them to write an information text about Florence Nightingale using all the features they have found in class read information texts. These will be made into a booklet to be kept in the year 2 classroom ready for the next class to read.

After our trip to St Annes children will complete a postcard to a friend or relative telling them what they enjoyed about their trip so that these can be displayed in school ready for their start to Year 3. We shall also be writing shape poems about the sea or seaside.

Children will continue to edit their own work to improve a first draft by; reading back, checking words make sense and checking their spellings for ‘tricky words’ (that do not sound out) or that they have the correct phoneme (letter sounds) and grapheme (the written sound).

The Read Write Inc. programme of work will also be carried out until the end of term.


This last maths term in year2 includes measuring weight, capacity and temperature which will be carried out via some of our science experiments and baking. We shall spend outdoor and indoor lessons learning how to tell the time to every 15 then 5 minutes as well as working collaboratively to solve many maths investigations and reasoning challenges which the children thoroughly enjoy.


Y2s learning topic this term is science investigations which will allow them to perform a number of experiments (fair tests) working scientifically and using new equipment. Children will make detailed observations and ask questions about what they think will happen (predictions), comparing and recording results, then explaining, why results have matched or not matched their predictions. Some of these experiments will use sand and salt water so that they also relate to our beach theme.


This term’s topic is ‘We are detectives’. We shall be learning to send and read emails in the safe environment of school, revisiting internet safety so children understand who it is safe to send messages to or receive messages from. They shall also be completing a power point presentation which shows changes in our school over a number of years.


Children will be studying famous artists who painted beach or seaside themes before completing one of their own. We shall also make some sand and rock sculptures after our seaside trip.

Religious Education

Year 2 will be learning about the Bible, understanding why it is the Christian holy book and why it is special.


During the last term children will have to learn to deal with lots of new changes.


We shall be having transition time to new classes meeting new teachers and visiting new playgrounds. There will be time set aside to discuss how they will feel about these changes and to resolve any worries they may have. 

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