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Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 2's curriculum page.  This page is designed to give you an idea of what we are going to be learning about over the next half term.

My name is Mrs Bannan, I am the class teacher, the other adults who will be teaching in Year 2 are Miss Laycock, Miss Jones and Mrs Chambers.


 This term the question we are trying to answer will be is 'Why was London burning?' We will be looking at how the fire started, how long the fire lasted and how we found out so much information about the fire.



Our focus will be finding out what the children would like to know about The Great Fire of London, reading books, using the internet and writing a diary entry about how people may have have felt being in the fire. Y2 will also be writing an information text containing the facts they have learned during the topic.



Linking with our History topic children will be studying everyday uses of materials. Children will be looking at what buildings made from and why. They will be thinking about why objects cannot be made from different materials, as well as experimenting with ways to change the shape of a solid.



In Maths we will be revisiting some of the skills we have learnt in Year 1, securing our knowledge of place value (tens and units/ones) and counting to 100 in 1s, 2s and 5s. We will also be using addition and subtraction to solve calculations, word questions and reasoning challenges.


  *We will be having weekly times table checks to make sure that we have a secure knowledge of our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and number bonds of 10 and 20.  Please help your child to practice these at home.


Here are some websites that you might like to use to help your child at home:


Click on the link below for the parent's guide to Mathematics for Year 2:

Year 2 Parent's Guide to Mathematics


We will continue to use the Red, Write Inc programme to support our English work therefore some children will be going out in small groups to complete the programme. In addition to this children will be learning to write a diary entry focusing on past tense and describing feelings. Some of these will be from their own experiences and some will be pretending to be a historical character in The Great Fire of London. Through this the children will be able to practise grammar and spelling skills. 


Y2 will be practising logging on and off the Ipads and laptops using their own passwords. They will begin programming objects to move and change direction as a start to their coding work.


To look at how a flame flickers and the colours that can be seen, children will be sketching these in pencil crayons and painting them for our classroom display.


Continuing 'The Great Fire of London' theme, Y2 will be making a 'tudor style' house to create a London street scene as well as making bread. 


In RE children will be finding out more about the Bible by looking at symbols and artefacts.


New Beginnings - At the start of a new year group and term children will be establishing their classroom rules, discussing how these can help everyone to have a happy time at school and the importance of making the correct choices.

















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