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Year 2 Curriculum


Year group:  Y2       

Teacher & TA’s: Mrs Bannan Miss Laycock                                  

Term: Autumn 1

Big question- Why was London burning?

Teacher message Welcome to the first Y2 class newsletter.

We are very excited about the learning focus for this half term when we shall be writing diaries making Tudor houses and talking about the history of our capital city.

Thank you to all the parents who came to visit at the end of year 1 and for your support in hearing your child Read every day, practise spellings and learn their 2x 3x 5x and 10x tables.

English: Reading: Children will have a weekly guided reading session with myself in addition to an individual read with Miss Laycock, plus more if time allows. We also read many picture books during milk time.

Writing: Y2 will be writing diaries about a school experience before writing their own diary as if they were in the fire of London. We shall be focused on writing in past tense, using first person and trying out time adverbials. Mathematics:

Area of maths: Place Value Understanding tens and ones in 2 digit numbers and looking at different ways to partition them. Children will learn the symbols of bigger than, smaller than and equals to and most importantly know when to use them. Y2 will then apply their knowledge to problem solving questions.

Arithmetic: Children need to focus on rehearsing and knowing their number bonds to 10 and 20 plus practising their Y2 tables (see above)

Humanities (History/ Geography)

Y2 will be researching the Great Fire of London to write a Fact File about it. We shall compare firefighting equipment then and now and learn about how Samuel Pepys’s diaries gave us lots of information about the event.

Religious Education:

Children will look at and learn the meaning of signs and symbols in everyday life and in many different religions.

PE: In Year 2 we have PE on Friday. The school PE kit is a white T-Shirt, black shorts/leggings/ jogging bottoms, black pumps/ trainers. I have supplied each child with a PE bag to keep their kit in on their coat peg.

This term we have a qualified dance teacher to teach the children a short dance sequence. 

Science: Why couldn’t the Big Bad Wolf blow down the brick house?

This half term is allowing the children the question and investigate materials and their properties starting with ‘What is the best material for a raincoat?’ writing up results and ensuring children use the correct vocabulary.

Expressive arts: Art/ Design and Technology):

As part of our main theme children will be painting Fire of London pictures, making a Tudor style house and making bread.

PSHCE / Languages: Children have made their own set of classroom rules that allows all children to have a good, safe learning environment. Y2 also included : always be kind to each other and to always tell the truth.



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