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Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 2's curriculum page for the second Spring term.  

This term the learning question will be Why don't we see polar bears in Brazil?


Children will be comparing the natural features of the UK such as rivers, seas, mountains and forests to those in Brazil. They will also be looking at the climate and how this affects animals in their own habitats so that they can answer the learning question.


Our topic at the beginning of this term is the properties of shape, followed by fractions and measurement. We will continue to count in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and become secure in counting in 3s. Children should work on learning all these tables so they know the multiplication and division sentence for both which will aid their fraction work for 1/2s, 1/4s and 1/3s. 

Our weekly mental maths tests will continue which will contain + - x ÷ questions that have to be answered in a fast efficient way along with daily mental maths sessions that will try to ensure all children have a secure knowledge of the above tables and number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Please can you help your children practise these at home whenever possible.

All the above are in preparation for the end of Key Stage1 SATs test in May 2018. 

 Maths example SATs papers

Here are some websites that you might like to use to help your child at home:


Click on the link below for the parent's guide to Mathematics for Year 2:

Year 2 Parent's Guide to Mathematics


ur Read Write Inc. programme will continue in small groups to help children progress in their reading and writing. The class focus is on a story with a familiar setting. Children will be writing their own version of ‘The Bog Baby’ using extended sentences that contain adjectives and different conjunctions. They will continue to read back and check their own work makes sense plus ensuring that capital letters and full stops are in the correct place.

All children will continue with Guided Reading sessions with the class teacher and all will have additional comprehension lessons to make sure they understand and can answer questions about what they are reading.Please can you read as often as possible to help your child improve in this area. I have linked a SATs reading paper test below.


Children will be using their skills to photograph minibeasts in their habitats then filing them away in their own work area so it can be used for their science work. 


We will be investigating mini beasts in their natural habitats. This will involve lots of outdoor activities looking at where different plants and animals live and the food they eat, leading into drawing food chains. Children will be able to tell you the difference between living things, those no longer living and those that have never lived items. 


Children will have a weekly art /DT lesson by a dedicated member of our team. The art will be linked to all areas of the above curriculum.


In RE children will be learning to understand the meaning of Easter and to follow the Easter story.


Children will be discussing 'Mindfulness'- How much is a handful of quiet? This is to help the children develop a positive prospective of themselves and others through teaching them how to reflect on their behaviour.
















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