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Year 2 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 2's curriculum page.  This page is designed to give you an idea of what we are going to be learning about over the next half term.

My name is Mrs Bannan, I am the class teacher, the other adults who will be teaching in Year 2 are Mrs Chambers (Class Teacher) Miss Laycock (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Jones (Learning Support Assistant).


This term the question we are studying is a science based theme; 'How to be the next Master Chef'. We will be looking at healthy eating, what humans and animals need to survive and how baby animals and humans change with age.



Linking with the above theme we shall be researching different fruit and vegetables. We shall also be finding out why we need to be clean and learn about the importance of exercise.


 In Maths we will be securing our knowledge of place value (tens and ones/units) and continue to count to 100 in 1s, 2s, 5s whilst also beginning to count in 3s. We will be using addition and subtraction to solve calculations involving money, word questions and reasoning challenges. We shall start to learn startegies to solve division and multiplication questions which is why learning the above tables are important.

 In addition to the above we have weekly mental maths tests which focus on fast addition and subtraction of 2 digit and 1 digit numbers, adding 3 numbers, putting in the correct bigger than or smaller than sign as well as finding missing numbers in number equations. 

  *We will be having times table checks to make sure that we have a secure knowledge of our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and number bonds of 10 and 20.  Please help your child to practice these at home.


Here are some websites that you might like to use to help your child at home:


Click on the link below for the parent's guide to Mathematics for Year 2:

Year 2 Parent's Guide to Mathematics


We will continue to use the Red, Write Inc programme to support our English work therefore some children will be going out in small groups to complete the programme. Children not in the prograamme will be writing their own traditional story based around the Prince and the Pea, this will include writing 'Wanted' posters and  thinking up new recipes that use peas as an ingredient. In addition to this children will be learning to read and write about some vegetables and fruits to use in writing poems nearer to Christmas.


Y2 will be investigating different games on Ipads which they will evaluate for ease of use.


At the start of term we shall be making poppies for Remembrance Sunday. Children will then be sketching in the style of Arcimboldo who painted using mainly fruit and vegetables. Moving on from sketching to coloured pencils and eventually paint. Look out for their finished work!


Year 2 wil begin to make their own recipes using peas, writing it out, following the instructions and evaluating the finished products. We shall also try some collage work for various healthy food options.


In RE children will be researching the tradition of giving and receiving gifts at Christmas.


Our theme this term is 'Getting on and Falling Out'- how children manage to cope with the everyday changes in their friendship groups and what they can do to help each other through problem times.
















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