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Year 1 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 1 Autumn Term ‘A’ Curriculum page. The page is designed to give Parents, Guardians and Children an idea of what will be taught over the coming weeks. My name is Mr O’Boyle and I am supported in class this term by Mrs Onley.

Explorers and exploring is our theme.


Our topic question this term is: What makes a good explorer?

Our emersion point is the voyage of Columbus and concludes with Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. We then chart those explorers who came before, between and after our two heroes.



We have now incorporated ‘Read-Write Inc,’ into our English program of study. All children in Year 1 have been assessed on their reading & writing criteria at the end of their last academic year and will continue along their learning journey throughout Key stage 1. For more details are on our web page; or just pop-in and speak to either myself or Mrs Chambers.

Our exploring includes ‘Going on a Bear Hunt.’

This is a super website to enjoy wonderful wordplay with your children.


Maths: The operators HAKA!

We begin with Numbers & Place Value. Followed by calculations and recording the four rules + -- ÷ x in mathematical statements involving =. For example:

0+10=10 1+9=10 2+8=10 and introducing the concept: ?= 2+8 ect.

Click into Year 1 area and browse some fabulous resources.


Science: Exploring plants around our school.

Not forgetting trees and weeds. Identify parts of a plant and discuss uses for plants and what lives amongst them. We will investigate using microscopes and linked to art, using e-scopes to generate microscopic images for their art work.



History: What makes a good explorer?

This is our curriculum driver this term and links into all topics.


Computing: Switching it on and off again!

Children are introduced to the school network and the difference to home access. The children will log into our system understanding user name and the importance of e-safety when using passwords. We then move on to a special surprise called Purple Mash. More to follow on that one as a I will hold a parent’s session nearer the time.



Freddy Fit to get us all warmed up for the winter!

Little Heaton has invested in the services of Bury Football Club’s coaching staff this year to give a thorough professional coaching curiculum. It’s is not all football! Gymnastics, floor work and using apparatus are the focus this half term.


Art: Basic skills.

Mrs Chambers will be teaching Art this term. The unit begins with the basic skills of creating work using paint, pencil, and charcoal; and as part of ICT,  computer design software will also be used to create pictures.



Using 3D computer software in Purple Mash; the children will create a 3D vehicle from a 2D template.



Reading skills, reading comprehension and reading for pleasure in year 1 are vitally important. This is why every child will be expected to bring in their allocated reading book, with their home/school record book, EVERY DAY. We will change books on a 2nd or 3rd read, based on RWI assessment and a book review will issued, (not weekends.)




Mrs Chambers will teach R.E this half term and the program of study can be found on our web page.


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