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Year 1 Curriculum

Spring Term 2018 (B).

I hope everyone has had a wonderful half term break. The overview this term is: Are we there yet? An introduction to transport through the ages.

English: Read, Write, Inc: Please click on the link to learn more

Read, Write, Inc:

This programme is established in all classes and is making a huge positive impact, this will be further enhanced with class ‘Big Writes.’ which will reinforce recounts and 'time' language, first, next, then, finally.' We introduce ‘past tense’ suffixes and begin to use the language of ‘verbs’ and ‘adjectives.’


Mathematics: What is place value?

The term is, as usual, dedicated to the rules of mathematics [ +   —]. We now also bring into this mental subtraction in the same way we had our addition week. Again the children will have ‘homework’ every night to help lock in number bond knowledge.

Good sites are


Science: What are the seasons like?

This is an extention of last terms weather watch, (which we will continue.) We look far into space to find out what causes our seasons. What is the sun? What are shadows. What does migration mean to birds?



Professional coaches from Bury F.C will be teaching the children this term again.


Computing: Can a computer be artistic?

Using a software painting application to produce works of digital art! It will also play a practical part in studying our science and topic work.


Art: Linked to ICT. Can I paint better than a lap-top?

More to come on this. As part of our constant endeavour to improve our childrens’ learning will will have a dedicated member of our team teaching art and crafts.



Reading skills, reading comprehension and reading for pleasure in year 1 are vitally important. This is why every child will be expected to bring in their allocated reading book, with record book, EVERY DAY. We change books Mon, Wed, Fri (at least) and check progress daily. We read every day and have a sustained guided reading session once a week. As part of this system we also have a preference reading scheme in which children are encouraged to read anything they want, (age related) from our school library.

Our class reads this term are:

Traditional tales, concerning traveling. Meerkat Adventure. Paddington Bear (C.D). Travelling to America


R.E: The story of Easter and Pass Over. Why is it at the same time?

The unit helps children understand the closeness of religion and the similarities and differences between them.



Mindfulness: Can you sit as still as a frog? How much is a handful of quiet?

This unit looks at how children can develop positive perspectives on themselves and on those around them. It includes how they think, react and work in a close community of learners.



End of Year Expectations:

Please click on the link below to view 'end of year expectations' for Year 1:

Year 1 EoYE 



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