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Year 1 Curriculum

Welcome to Year 1 Autumn Term ‘B’ Curriculum page. I hope you all had a restful half-term holiday. Now it is ‘get ready for Christmas! 

Our topic driver is Science: Materials and their uses.

Our topic theme is Light & Dark.

Our emersion point is exploring the many festivals of light during a period of increasingly long and darker nights.


We will be looking at persuasive letter writing and list sentences this half term, (got to get ready for Santa!)

Spellings of the ‘Common Exception words will be sent home weekly. These will support spelling lessons in school.



We continue with Numbers & Place Value, calculations and recording the four rules + -- ÷ x in mathematical statements involving =. For example: 

0+10=0 1+9=10 2+__=10 ect.

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Science: Materials.

Materials and their properties: Looking at what makes a material better suited to a particular task. How can clothes reflect light? Staying safe in the dark.


Geography:  Where in the world is Santa?

We introduce directions and position in this unit. Poles and where places are. We take our first field trip this term. More on that to follow as the children will investigate where they are on the map with a trip to the M60 Bridge.


Switching it on and off again! Children are introduced to the school network and the difference to home access. The children will log into our system understanding user name and the importance of e-safety when using passwords. The focus will be to create e-cards,  a card created electronically. We introduce the children and parents to Purple Mash. News to follow.


Taught by Bury Football Club’s coaching staff this term.  It’s is not all football! Gymnastics, floor work and using apparatus are the focus this half term.



Mrs Chambers will be teaching Art this term. The unit supports the importance of light as a symbol of love and it’s use in Religion.



Plasticine is used in year 1 as a ‘step up’ from Playdough as it harder to manipulate and helps improve fine motor skills. Children will build models to help creative writing. It will also be used to support continuous provision during our diverse topic this half term.


Reading skills, reading comprehension and reading for pleasure in year 1 are vitally important. This is why every child will be expected to bring in their allocated reading book, with their home/school record book, EVERY DAY. We will change books on a 2nd or 3rdread, based on RWI assessment and a book review will be introduced, (not on weekends.)



Linked with art and the Festivals of Light. We finish with the Christian Festival of The Birth of Jesus.


Read, Write, Inc:

 Read, Write, Inc. is a new Phonics programme that we've introduced to all classes.  Please click on the link to learn more:

Read, Write, Inc:


End of Year Expectations:

Please click on the link below to view 'end of year expectations' for Year 1:



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