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Year 1 Curriculum

Summer Term 2018 (B).

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Whitsuntide break. We will be asking . . .

Our immersion question; Where is the Seaside?

At this point I must insist you click this link

and carry on reading!

We look; North, East, South, West, or we like to say, ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat!’

English: Read, Write, Inc: Please click on the link to learn more

Read, Write, Inc:

This programme is established in all classes and is making a huge positive impact, this will be further enhanced with class ‘Big Writes.’ which will re-inforce recounts and 'time' language, first, next, then, finally.' We introduce list sentences this term using commas.


Mathematics: Directions and Position; Time.

The term is, as usual is dedicated to the 4 rules of mathematics [ +  ÷  x  —] We now also bring into this links to the main topic, so it also includes. NESW and time. We include further teaching of Tens & Ones, and placement of a digit in a squared maths book. Alongside this we will use bar modelling techniques to investigate reasoning. It will also be a time of assessments.

Good sites are

Science: Plants. Our immersion point is Jack and the Beanstalk. However, we get to use our green house and grow Bean Stalks! We look at what happens if we grow in sand and ask whether plants can grow in sand. Can we grow them in the dark?

Geography: The 4 seas that make The British Isles; islands. The English Chanel, The North Sea, The Atlantic Ocean and The Irish Sea. Along with the four seaside towns, on each coast including Lytham St Annes, of course.

History: Linked with our main topic will be the history of seaside holidays.


Professional coaches from Bury F.C will be teaching the children this term again.


Using and applying skills taught. This main topic will include links to other curriculum areas, however learning outcomes will be based on accessing the school network independently and saving work correctly.

Art: Design and Technology: Are you eating that?

The focus will be for the children to design and create a packed lunch for a trip to the beach. Each week the children will design, create and make a super delicious, (and healthy,) picnic lunch suitable for the beach. They then get the opportunity to make it at home as part of their Learning Log.


Reading skills, reading comprehension and reading for pleasure in year 1 are vitally important. This is why every child will be expected to bring in their allocated reading book, with record book, EVERY DAY. We change books Mon, Wed, Fri (at least) and check progress daily. We read every day and have a sustained guided reading session once a week. As part of this system we also have a preference reading scheme in which children are encouraged to read anything they want, (age related) from our school library.

Our class reads Jack and the Beanstalk. The Enormous Turnip. Instructions on planting beans.


Who is Special to Us?

A look at important people in different religions.


End of Year Expectations:

Please click on the link below to view 'end of year expectations' for Year 1:


Year 1 EoYE 


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