Our Vision and Values

Our Vision statement

This is the Bible teaching which drives all we do as stakeholders, learners and a community.

All things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9.23)

Our moto and values

Learning together we grow in FAITH: Friendship, Aspirations, In wisdom, Trust, Hope

What does our logo mean?

Shield:  Brave and bold learners - This links back to the Christian Faith and a historic image of a shield being a symbol of protection. We are 'one family moving forward as one.'

Lion: Courageous advocates, Courageous learners.

Cotton flower: Links to a symbol from the Middleton Crest. Our historic link to the textile family, the Schwabes, who founded our school in the late 1800's for the children of the cotton mill workers in Rhodes and Middleton. The cotton mill chimney of the Schwabe Mill was a proud local monument until it was taken down in the 1990's. Many of the historic houses around are school were part of the Schwabe estate of homes built for the cotton Mill workers and their families.   It also shows our historic link to the North West of England's past - co-operative movement and workers united.

Holy Trinity: The symbol of Trust, Honesty, Faith in: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit.

Heart hands Friendship, love, respect, family - 1 team.

Christian Cross: for our faith in God and uniqueness as a Church school, our uniqueness is our trust in Faith, God and the teachings of Jesus Christ and sharing love, respect,  and friendship for each other and our world.


Our logo, vision and moto were developed by our Children, staff, parents and governors in workshops during the 2019-2020 year and completed just before the lock down period occurred in March 2020 in a final after school workshop, which families, governors,  and the F.A.I.T.H ambassadors from the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) attended and determined the vision, values and logo ready for a 2020-21 launch.


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