Good News Awards

Respect for learning, respect for all: Little Heaton Always Award

Well done to this week's recipients of the Little Heaton Always award.  Amazing job everyone!!

Week ending: 12th February 2021 presented to
Reception:  Seth and Dilan 
Year 1:  Isabella and Ernest 
Year 2: Leighton and Kylan 
Year 3: Jamal and Bobby 
Year 4: Aws, Valentina and Alfie W
Year 5: Michael and Evelyn 
  Year 6: Harriet and William W 
Our Vision “All things are possible for those who believe.” Mark 9.23        Motto: Learning together we grow in F.A.I.T.H



5thFebruary 2021 Presented to:

Reception: Isla

Year 1: Chizaram and Sophie

Year 2: Annabell and Leo

Year 3: Mauladad and Laveah

Year 4: Noor and Coby

Year 5: Emily and Jacques

Year 6: Riley and Natalia



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