Global Neighbours

 This year at Little Heatonc CE we are striving to achieve the Global Neighbour Bronze Award which is an accreditation scheme run by Christian Aid. We want to achieve this award to help fulfil the Church of England’s vision of education that is deeply Christian andserving the common good. In addition, by helping children claim their voice as global citizens, participation in the scheme will help our pupils to become courageous advocates.

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There are three levels of accreditation: bronze, silver and gold. These are verified by Church of England Education Office assessors, who look for evidence across five areas: school leadership, teaching and learning; collective worship and spiritual development; pupil participation; and community engagement.

Global Neighbours is a Christian Aid initiative designed to encourage children to become courageous advocates for the common good both globally and locally. The accreditation scheme celebrates schools that are helping pupils learn about global poverty and the Christian responsibility to tackle it, as well as giving them the tools to play a confident part in creating a fairer world.

As part of their response to our collective worship children have identified issues that they feel are important for us to consider. These include


climate change


the need for everyone to have access to clean water

What issues do you feel are important? 

How do you think we can make a difference?

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